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SuadaSoft is an IBM Premier Business Partner & IBM Primary Support Provider and is a Belux market leader in Information Management (DB2 and Informix Database Management, InfoSphere and Optim). The team members of SuadaSoft and sister company Infocura have a unique cumulated experience and are IBM certified DBA's, experienced consultants and professional trainers delivering services to an impressive number of customers and governmental institutions. They also account for more than 90% of the IM training sessions of IBM Belgium and other IBM European offices.

Our activities:
• Licensing & License Renewals
• IBM Certified Support Provider
• Services (DB administration, installation, upgrades, migrations,    troubleshooting, tuning, training, auditing)
• Mainframe system management, installation, tuning and application    development (COBOL, REXX, JCL, etc.)

For products:
• InfoSphere: Discovery, DataStage, QualityStage, Change Data Capture,    Information Analyzer, Warehouse, Replication Server, ..
• Data Management: DB2, DB2 Tools, Informix, ..
• WebSphere Core products (MQSeries, WebSphere App. Server, CICS Trx    gateway, ..)
• Optim Lifecycle Management (Archiving, Test Data Mgmt, Data Privacy)

SuadaSoft is actively involved in a number of user groups (IMUG Belgium founder, Informix-Clubhouse founder, GSE Belgium board member, IDUG Europe chairman, IDUG Europe Planning Committee member) and some of our consultants are regular speakers on international conferences in Europe and North America.

INFOCURA is specialized in the distribution, consulting, installation, migration, tuning, auditing and education of IBM Information Management products, both on distributed platforms as well as the z/OS platform.

Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of customer service and satisfaction within the IBM Business Partner program. The company's "one-stop-shop" approach aims to provide our customers with a complete hardware, software and services offering, where we aim to exceed all expectation levels and at the same time provide in-depth technical expertise.

We invest considerable time, energy and resources into training and educating our staff to ensure that the advice given or the products, services or solutions offered are of the highest quality. This focus is your assurance that the INFOCURA professionals know what IBM solutions to recommend, how to help you implement the solutions, and how to provide you with the support you need. Together, IBM and IBM Business Partners are committed to delivering greater value to enable your success in evolving to the next generation of e-business and creating competitive advantage.

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