IMUG aims to be the
User Group
in the Information
Management space.

IMUG is a non-profit
organization based on
voluntary work.
The goal is to bring
Information Management
Users together on a
regular base to exchange
experiences and to network.

How we want to achieve these goals

IMUG will organize 2 to 3 meetings a year around an Information Management related topic.

Examples of topics:
- Data Modeling
- Data Warehousing
- Data security
- Test data management
- Change management
- Data management (normalization, …)
- Data Quality (quality, redundancy, …)
- Data Movement (placement, architecture, ..)
- Data Archiving (legal aspects, ways to do this, …)
- Data Integration (data sources, API’s, connections, …)
- Business Intelligence (reporting, dashboarding, data mining, ..)
- High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Clustering, Replication architecture, Performance
- etc ...

The speakers are all users sharing their company's approach of the subject towards vendors, products and choices made (who does what with which product?).

Target audience: Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, Content or Information Architects, Consultants, Database Administrators, Developers, Program & Project managers, IT Managers, Chief Information Officers, etc ...

IMUG Flyer

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