IMUG Kickoff Event
Venue IBM Forum - Brussels (HQ)
Avenue du Bourget/Bourgetlaan, 42
B-1130 Bruxelles
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When June 25th 2009
13:30    Introduction
Enterprise applications and databases don’t just help run your business - they are your business. Every year, they grow in size and complexity - making them harder to manage / meet service level agreements and inducing ever increasing costs. Moreover, the raising demand for company-wide BI reporting covering all enterprise applications -running on hybrid systems and accessing disparate data sources- often adds to the data-growth problem when data is duplicated and centralized. Every year also, legislation and privacy rules are tightened – making it harder to limit your legal liability as you attempt to protect data privacy and security. This event will document how IBM® Optim™ offers a data management solution that enables you to optimize performance, control costs and reduce risk. It will also explain the advantages of working with the IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® v8.1 ETL solution.
13:45    IBM® Optim™ - The Business drivers
   Freddy Van Der Elst
IBM Belgium

Freddy has over 25 years of experience as IMS/DB2 System Engineer in the industry and finance sector. He also worked as presales IMS/DB2 for BMC. Recently he joined IBM as IT Specialist IMS and now he‘ll expand his knowledge as OPTIM specialist.
Session Abstract
In this session, we will highlight the main business drivers are for using OPTIM:
- What drives application data growth?
- How does data growth impact your business?
- How can you take control of application data growth?
- How are you managing your test data?
- How are you responding do the several privacy rules like SOX compliance and others?
All of this will be given out of the mainframe perspective.
14:30    IBM® Optim™ - Technical overview
   Herman Cop

Herman has over 25 years of expierience as Application Architect within the banking and financial services industry and the public sector. His technical background includes application design and development (C and Java), relational databases (DB2 and Oracle) and application tuning.
Session Abstract
This session will document the functional components of the OPTIM solution:
- What makes Retaining/Retrieving data stored in Databases so difficult
- What is a “business object” and how to guarantee data consistency in the archives
- How to access and archive the data in a heterogenous environment
- Data growth solution: segregate historical information from production environments and safely remove it to a secure archive
- Test Data management solution: speed up application testing and deployment by streamlining creation and management of test environments
- Privacy solution: De-identify confidential information to protect privacy
14:30    IBM® Infosphere® DataStage® v8.1
   Guy Przytula
Competence Partners

Guy has more then 30 years experience with DB2. He worked for IBM as hardware engineer and later in the software support center. He is the expert on DB2 for VM and DB2 for LUW, where he started when it was still called common server. The last 10 years he also worked with Oracle, SQL/server and DB2 on z/linux.
Session Abstract
In this session will document how IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® integrates data on demand with a high performance parallel framework, extended metadata management, and enterprise connectivity.
- Supports the collection, integration and transformation of large volumes of data, with data structures ranging from simple to highly complex.
- Offers scalable platform that enables companies to solve large-scale business problems through high-performance processing of massive data volumes
- Supports real-time data integration.
- Enables developers to maximize speed, flexibility and effectiveness in building, deploying, updating and managing their data integration infrastructure.
- Completes connectivity between any data source and any application.